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It's a VR party! Strap in, roll dice, and play minigames. Collect the most stars to win!

Rolling the dice in VR Party Club Shooting bad guys in space in the VR Party Club minigame Space Shootout
Slicing vegetables in Salad Samurai, a minigame in VR Party Club Got a Gold Trophy in VR Party Club

A multiplayer VR extravaganza, in the spirit of Mario Party or Fuzion Frenzy.

Throwing balls is made harder by the addition of more bees! Nuisance Attack in VR Party Club In VRPC minigame Missiles 2 Fireworks, create a brilliant display in the night sky
Sort the data into the correct ports in Packet Sniffer, a minigame in VR Party Club Landed on the Big Wheel space in VR Party Club and got bonus coins

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Humble Beginnings! Our first video of VRPC (March 2018)